Odessa Palaces Tour including a visit to the Count’s Tolstoy Palace.

odessa palaces tourOdessa Palaces tour delights with its niceness. Architectural variety of palatial buildings will come into your view. You will appreciate the Baroque and the Gothic styles, the eclecticism and the Revival style. You will learn about the particular qualities of each style and you’ll find out how to read their symbols and messages coded in the key-patterns of the palaces.
You will carry back to the XIX century full of intrigues, romance and acts defying public opinion. Our guide will lift the veil on the secrets guarded by the walls of Odessa palaces.
You will hear the story about Naruskin and Pototskyi families that comes near to the legend as well as the featured basement of their palace. It’s the only place in the city where the grot and the “thievish hole”, the bridge for “unloved guests”, the fountain and the underground orchestra venue remained intact. odessa palaces tour
Together we will try to winnow truth from falsehood, to puzzle out a mystery buried under the Vorontsovskyi Palace.
We will also pay attention to the palaces of Abaza, count Vitte, princes Gagarin and Lopukhin, and smile while listening to the story about the Shah palace and admiring its splendor and understated luxury.
During the excursion you will visit Count’s Tolstoy Palace. You’ll see the interior design items, the ancient piano, the paintings and the photos belonged to the count’s family. Did you see the film “The Three Musketeers”? So, the scenes in the Louvre were shooted here, in this palace. It’s one of few Odessa Palaces where the original setting remained. The love story of the Count Mikhail Dmitrievich Tolstoy will soften even the hardest heart.
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Tour duration is 3 hours. Bus and walking tour.

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  1. Добрый вечер Тамара! Хотим выразить благодарность за организацию нашей поездки по дворцам Одессы! Огромное спасибо Наталье за интересный, увлекательный рассказ! Процветания и творческих успехов! Спасибо от коллектива д/сада 162.

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