Odessa patios. “Odessa yards” tour

odessa patios tourWhen you visit Odessa yards tour, you will immerse into the Odessa atmosphere and experience our city for yourself, city which the whole world knows, but only few can find and feel on their own! You will make a journey to the places that are hidden from the eyes of the passers-by. You will see places, that even native citizens don’t know about, hear the mystery stories and intrigues, that have been accumulated for over two centuries. The guide will tell you about the structure and architecture of Odessa yard, about a difficult and cheerful life of ordinary residents of Odessa, which became the subject of many jokes. Of course, we will pay attention to the celebrities born in old Odessa yards, and those who once traveled to Odessa and could not leave this beautiful city. So, be vigilant and careful, if your plans do not include relocating and moving to the pearl of the Black Sea, then at the first symptoms, please contact our guides with a request to return you to the reality from the world of an unforgettable city called “Odessa yards”.
We’ve prepared two variants of this tour for you.odessa yards tour
The first variant – is a walking tour. You will visit Odessa yards, which are located in the historic center of the city. Many of them have picturesque old wells .
Since the city founding, one of the the most serious problems of Odessa was the lack of fresh water. There wasn’t any water in the city. Until 1873, when the water pipeline Dnestr-Odessa was built, citizens bought fresh water in buckets. Water was brought from the Vodyanaya beam and, of course, it was used only for cooking and drinking. But what did people do with washing, cleaning? At the beginning of the XIX century Odessites began to build wells in the yards where rainwater was collected and used for household needs. During our Odessa Yard tour you will see several variants of old wells and will be surprised with their designs.odessa patios tour

In the XIX century in the city using the original architectural forms of private houses and yards was in fashion. Each house had to differ from others. Therefore, owners tried to be original and architects beat their brains to impress the discerning customers. So that you will visit the yards with fountains, elegant yards with sculptural groups, double-yards and draft- yards.
The second variant of tour is bus & walking. You will visit yards not only in the city center, but also in Moldavanka district. You will see the “St. Petersburg” and “Odessa” yard-well, will pass through the famous courtyard with wooden galleries, tiered courtyards and, of course, look at the famous Odessa “drying”.
On the Odessa yard tour you will find out how and why such yards were built, as well as what traditions were born here. You’ll see with your own eyes that it’s impossible to find two identical yards.
The prices for our tours you can find out by using the button “Book a tour” or contact us.
Duration of the tour is 2,5 hours.

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