“The Mystery of Odessa catacombs “. Bus tour.
We invite you to make a unique and exciting tour to Odessa catacombs , Discover underground Odessa labyrinth and you will have the unforgettable impressions on the rest of the life !
The Tour to the catacombs begins in the heart of the city. On comfortable bus you will be reached to the Village Nerubaiskoe to visit underground museum in Odessa catacombs. On the way you will be given all essential information about formations and history of Odessa catacombs by experienced guide . For example, do you know why it was forbidden to extract shell stone from the catacombs in the centre of the city. In what way , the catacombs used for smuggling and other criminal activity, what role the catocombs played during the Second World War.
Odessa is a fantastic city , the city of legends and catacombs is an integral part of it.
Odessa catacombs Odessa catacombs is a unique peculiarity and attractive sight of the city . Have a look around : Potemkin Steps , Opera House , the Vorontsov Palace, Palace of Naryshkina , Moldavanka – all built from local shell stone. All building material for the construction of the future Southern Palmyra was extracted from the ground , cradle of ancient sea . Odessa can still be called “the city up side down ,” because the city was growing not only up , but under ground.
The main part of underground Odessa is the artificial excavations of formed as a result of shell stone out put. They formed in different combinations to make the underground labyrinth of Odessa catacombs. They are the most tangled and broad underground formations in the world , famous for its absolutely fantastic size – the total length of the tunnels is about 2,500 kilometers . For comparison, the length of t catacombs in Rome – 300 km and in Paris – 800 km. It has not the entire map of all tunnels of Odessa catacombs yet . This is a real underground city with their own streets, alleys and avenues, located in a few floors . In different time catacombs used by smugglers and revolutionaries , partisans and members of secret societies . The labyrinths of Odessa catacombs keep traces of dramatic and heroic events .Odessa catacombs This is the kingdom of silence and darkness , there sunlight never penetrates . The Air temperature all year round is around 13 degree above zero . Scientists have proved if a person stays in absolute darkness and silence more than 15 minutes , he completely loses the orientation in the terrain . He does not know from what side he came , can not understand where the right or left side and started attacking by hallucinations . The large number of stories , when a person alone entered the catacombs and could not get out can be explained. All entrances found in the center and outside the city were closed and welded. There is strictly prohibited to get inside without experienced guide . Therefore, the tour is held in the part of catacombs with electricity and with assistance of the guide. The route had been explored by the professional speleologists that ensures your safety during the tour .
Odessa catacombs During the tour you will visit a unique memorial museum of “Partisan Glory “. In the period the second World War the biggest partisan detachment was located there, feel the atmosphere in which people lived and fought at the rear of the enemy. You will see in what way shell stone extracted . And, of course , you get know where in the catacombs jewelry and gold hidden .
It is sad that ghosts live in Odessa catacombs . Sometimes they can be heard or felt shivering with cold on your back . Want to feel ? Make a tour to the Catacombs !
Duration of the tour – 2.5 hours .
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