Odessa is the city of different religions. Odessa Temples Tour

odessa temples tourFrom the moment of foundation Odessa became multinational. New-conquered lands attracted the represents of all religious confessions. The Orthodox, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Lutherans, the Jewish people and the Moslems arrived here looking for better life… By 1840 Odessa numbered over 60 nationalities of different confessions who have been living peacefully on rather small territory of the city. Each religious community built its houses of worship many of which remained intact till our days.
odessa temples tourDuring the Odessa Temples Tour you will visit the Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Savior, Holy Trinity Cathedral (Greek church), Arab Cultural Centre and the Mosque, Odessa Main Synagogue, Roman Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Lutheran Church, Armenian Apostolic Church.
Our guide will tell you about the ceremonies and the culture of the Catholics, the Orthodox, the Jewish people, the Moslems, the Lutherans. You will see the differences among the religions and will hear about some historical events that happened while building various houses of worship of our city.
You will also see The Convent of St. Michael the Archangel, The Monastery of St. Pantaleon, The Monastery of St. Illya, Odessa Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Dormition. A guide will definitely let you in on the nuances of the monks’ lifestyle and their vows.
You will enjoy the exquisite architecture of the religious part of the city and will learn a lot of interesting facts about all religions of the world.
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Duration of Odessa Temples Tour is 2,5-3 hours. Bus and walking tour.

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  1. Хочется сказать о прекрасном экскурсоводе Антонине, как она интересно преподносит историю, от души, нет спешки, лишней информации. Все доступно и просто. Огромное вам спасибо! Мы только ваши!
    Да, если вы сомневаетесь идти ли на экскурсию о религиях Одессы, тогда вопрос снят, записывайтесь!!! Вы точно не пожалеете! Столько храмов в одном городе и с такой историей, я думаю больше нигде нет.

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