Evening Odessa/ Night Odessa. Bus and walking tour.

evening odessa tour Do you want to feel deeply the romance of the night city? To get a lungful of fresh air sweetened by thousands of flowers and sea breeze? To take a walk around gently lighted back streets or gorgeously illuminated boulevards and squares? Then this is an excursion for you! The itinerary practically repeats “Odessa sightseeing tour” except for some nuances.

During a walk you will contribute your time to the places that look wonderful while brightly illuminated.

We will make a date with our favorite city when the it’s time to enjoy the sundown. When the heat and the fuss of the day are gone you will drive along the French boulevard, enchanting Marazlievskaya, Pushkinskaya, Rishelyevskaya streets while listening to our guide’s thought-provoking stories. You will enjoy the lights of the Harbor Station and recollect the days of your childhood just when you take a look at the sparkling panoramic wheel (the third highest in Ukraine) and other attractions. There is no doubt that the whole Odessa seacoast looks tremendously attractive at night: both the beaches of Otrada and Langeron, and don’t forget about our famous Arcadia. evening odessa tour

In historic centre of the city you will take a walk along the Primorskiy Boulevard, Dumskaya and Catherine’s squares, you will appreciate the beauty of the Harbor Station from the top of the Potemkin stairs. Pay attention to the Deribasovskaya street and the City Garden. These are the places where at nightfall life is in full swing. The orchestra playing in the City Garden makes dance not only people but amazingly illuminated fountain.

The words cannot give you emotions… Just try it yourself…

During the excursion a guide will tell you the history of our city from its birth till modern days.

Tour Duration – 2,5-3 hours.

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