Sightseeing tour of Odessa

Odessa Highlights. Sightseeing tour of Odessa.  If you come to Odessa first time and want , to get to know the city , its people and culture, make a wonderful tour around this unique city : take up our invitation to Odessa. “Odessa highlights” will discover the best of read more
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Wild Odessa catacombs

Wild Odessa catacombs You will make a journey to the underground world of Odessa in a company of a professional caver-trainer. You will go through the labyrinths that lie at a depth of 28 meters beneath the surface. There you will see: – underground lake, – read more
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Odessa Temples Tour

Odessa is the city of different religions. Odessa Temples Tour From the moment of foundation Odessa became multinational. New-conquered lands attracted the represents of all religious confessions. The Orthodox, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Lutherans, the Jewish people and the Moslems arrived here looking for better life… By 1840 Odessa numbered over 60 nationalities of different confessions who have been living peacefully on rather small territory of the city. Each religious community built its houses of worship many of which
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Odessa patios

Odessa patios. “Odessa yards” tour When you visit Odessa yards tour, you will immerse into the Odessa atmosphere and experience our city for yourself, city which the whole world knows, but only few can find and feel on their own! You will make a journey to the places that are hidden from the eyes of the passers-by. You will see places, that even native citizens don’t know about, hear the mystery stories and intrigues, that have been accumulated for over
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Jewish Odessa tour

“Jewish heritage”. Jewish Odessa tour History of the Jewish community and the history of Odessa are inseparably linked together. Jewish community had play the biggest role in Odessa history, constriction and development. Jewish Culture imbued the new international city with its special flavor, had left traces in all shears of life reflected in music, literature, cuisine and even in language. It is still the word “Odessa“ associated with “Jewish”, using in such expressions like “Odessa music”, “Odessa humor”, “Odessa meal”
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Odessa Catacombs

“The Mystery of Odessa catacombs “. Bus tour. We invite you to make a unique and exciting tour to Odessa catacombs , Discover underground Odessa labyrinth and you will have the unforgettable impressions on the rest of the life ! The Tour to the catacombs begins in the heart of the city. On comfortable bus you will be reached to the Village Nerubaiskoe to visit underground museum in Odessa catacombs. On the way you will be given all essential information
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Shabo winery tour. Tasting Tour.

Shabo winery tour. Tasting Tour. Bus and walking tour. Out of city tours. Excursion to Shabo is a great time spent in eco-friendly place with a unique microclimate. Wine complex, as well as vineyards, is located in the resort area between the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary. From the first steps you will like its picturesque area with originally designed pavilions and fountains. You will visit the working winery and a wine storage, where you can see the production
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Tours to Vilkovo

Tours to Vilkovo. Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice. Vilkovo isn’t only a wonderful place to enjoy the wild nature and fresh air, but to relax in unusual and amazing site called Ukrainian Venice! During the tour you will visit unique reservation parks, you will see old-believer’s churches and take a walk along the bridges over watercourses – the streets of Vilkovo. An unforgettable boat tour is waiting for you including a visit to the small island where you’ll taste a fish
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Odessa Palaces Tour

Odessa Palaces Tour including a visit to the Count’s Tolstoy Palace. Odessa Palaces tour delights with its niceness. Architectural variety of palatial buildings will come into your view. You will appreciate the Baroque and the Gothic styles, the eclecticism and the Revival style. You will learn about the particular qualities of each style and you’ll find out how to read their symbols and messages coded in the key-patterns of the palaces. You will carry back to the XIX century full
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Romantic Odessa Tour

Romantic Odessa Tour Romantic Odessa Tour – is the most emotional, exciting, thrilling tour in Odessa. The intertwining fates, love triangles, passion and indifference, a happy reunion and a tragedy of separation, jealousy and betrayal, self-sacrificing love and treacherous treasons – all this you will feel together with the heroes of our excursion. We will tell you the secrets of the love affairs of Ivan Bunin and Anna Tsakni, Ilya Ilf and Maria Tarasenko, Kornei Chukovsky and Maria Goldfelt, Lev
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Odessa Literary Tour

Odessa Literary Tour When you dip into the world of prose and verse of great writers the first name associated with Odessa city is the name of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. His talented arm depictured the spirit of Odessa in more than thirty verses and in the novel “Eugene Onegin”. The genius of Russian classics wrote two and a half chapters of his novel while being exiled to Odessa in 1823. During the Odessa Literary Tour you will hear the detailed
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Tour to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress

Tour to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress Bus and walking tour to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress including a spear running. Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress is the most ancient one from all the fortresses that remained in Odessa region. History of Akkerman (former name of the city) counts over 25 centuries. Take a guided tour and you will visit one of the most antique cities in the world. Akkerman fortress was raised in XIII-XV centuries. It is a well-known monument of architecture and town planning and the last
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” City tours parlour Odessa “ welcomes you to our sunny city Odessa!
Hundreds of books have been written about our native city, thousands of movies have been filmed, describing an endless array of legends and absolutely true stories . city tour odessa
We have prepared for you interesting , exciting, educational and most importantly – not boring Odessa tours, during which you will learn the historical facts , myths and hear brand Odessa jokes.
If you are new to our city, we recommend you start getting to know it with a Sightseeing tour of Odessa (Walking tour or bus and walking tour) . You will see all the most famous sights and hear about the history of the city and its famous residents.
If you want to see what is hidden from passers-by and feel the real atmosphere of the city, you can visit the tour of the Odessa Yards and Jewish Odessa!
Also we offer you a unique opportunity to visit the Odessa Catacombs. You will keep unforgettable memories that you have visited the longest and most intricate underground labyrinths in the world!
For connoisseurs of the architectural masterpieces there are fascinating tours Architecture of Odessa and the Odessa Opera House. The mysteries and intrigues of Odessa nobility will be revealed to you on the tour Palaces of tours odessa
Want to taste natural wines and cognacs ? Welcome to tour Shabo (visit the factory of wine and wine-tasting) and tour Shustov (visit the museum of cognac and the tasting). If you want to visit the synagogue , mosque, cathedral, church and other places of worship of all world Religions, then you’ll enjoy our tour Odessa – a city of different religions. During tour the Odessa Military you will drive to places of military glory of the hero-city Odessa, hear about the heroic deeds during the Great Patriotic War and photograph various genuine military equipment (including submarines and aircraft).
All this and much more diverse and unusual excursions in Odessa only here for you! We offer group tours and individual tours .
All guides of our company have the qualification documents .
Come and see for yourself the beautiful historical places of Odessa – the city of happiness!
Prices for our tours can be found by using the button “book the tour” or contacting us .
Many tour operators and agencies organize excursions in Odessa. Therefore it is necessary to emphasize our advantages over other companies :
1) Excursions in Odessa – our specialty. We create the best sightseeing routes only in Odessa and ensure maximum comfort during them.
2) Unlike other companies, we carefully select and check all the guides in Odessa , who work in our company. Our guides speak literary language and have perfect English, in-depth knowledge of the history of the city, have a sense of humor , are the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa, have invaluable experience of the tours in Odessa, have a relevant academic degree. If you order a personal (individual) tour , we will find guides in Odessa in accordance with your requirements : up to the age, gender, manner of speaking, language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Hebrew).
city tours odessa3) You will be served by transport (whether it will be a car , minibus or bus) with air conditioning, comfortable seats, just after the technical check up. Our drivers are never late , well aware of the city, polite and cultured.
4) Before you choose the company and book excursions in Odessa, we advise you to read carefully the text description of the tours on its website. If you see a unique author’s text that you enjoy – safely book here, because if the company approached the creation of the site creatively and carefully , then the quality of the tours will be on top.
5) Our motto – attention and a personal approach to each client! No matter you want to take part in a group or book personalized (individual) tours in Odessa. We will help you determine the theme of your tour and compile the program, which best corresponds exactly to your wishes and preferences. For our guests who prefer personal (individual) tours in Odessa, we can combine several themes in one tour (for example Jewish Odessa and Sightseeing tour of Odessa) .city tour odessa
6 ) Duration of excursions in Odessa. If we write 2.5-3 hours , then really it will be full 2.5-3 hours , not shortened routes .
7) Prices for tours in Odessa and order processing . You can book the tour in Odessa by e-mail or using the form of booking on our website or just by the phone. You can pay for your tour cash without prepayment. We guarantee reasonable prices and high quality.
8) For already formed groups we have great deals on tours in Odessa at a nice price for you.
Also we provide services for the transfer and booking hotels and apartments.
Yours sincerely, “City tours parlour Odessa “.