The tour ” Architecture of Odessa” certainly worth to be visited . Architectural heritage of the city is an essential part of Odessa culture as a whole. Since 1794 the best European architects of that period had worked in Odessa and created splendid ensemble of architectural monuments many of them really have been pieces of art in which original spirit of the city has been reflected .
Architecture of OdessaDuring the tour you will see the works such renowned architects as France Boffo George Torricelli , Francesco Morandi, Felix Gonsiorovskiy ,Alexander Bernadatstsi ,Leo Vlodek and many others. The guide will tell you about architectural styles, which the building are made , share stories about the houses that walls still keep a lot of secrets and about original sculptures and graceful statues the silent eye witnesses of history .
Since the mid- XIX century Odessa called a piece of Europe in Russian Empire. The Historical part of the city was built by the, Italians, French, Germans architects. Each master tried to make his creature special , so you can’t see two similar buildings.Architecture of Odessa
During the tour you will have the chance ” to touch” the history of architecture get acquainted with variety stiles from Classicism to Neo renaissance , Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau that represented in Odessa. Walking along elaborate building facades you can observe the buildings in detail enjoying unique and beautiful eclectic architecture of the city . Don’t miss odd One Wall House and gorges Passage.
The tour also focuses on descriptions of facade details , interpretations symbols of medieval and oriental art , characters of ancient Greek mythology , architectural sightseeing personifying city history.
“Architecture of Odessa “ will give you the opportunity completely to realize a saying “ Architecture is frozen music”.
This tour can be by car or by walk . Booking the tour, please inform which one will be available for you .
Duration- from 2,5 to 3 hours .
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