Bus and walking tour including a visit to the Military Hardware Museum (Military Odessa visiting open-air museum).
Military Odessa TourDuring the Military Odessa tour you will find out about the greatest heroic deeds of our ancestry and a sorrowful fate of Judaic community that lived in Odessa at the time of the Great Patriotic War. It is a story about courage and bravery, about Odessa citizens’ tears and blood spilled during the defense of the city, and about still greater courage after the order to leave Odessa that have been making a stand for 73 days to the fascist and Rumanian occupants. What were these soldiers thinking about while leaving their native city, leaving their mothers, wives, children and the olds, brothers and sisters and what hatred they felt hammering the enemy as far as Berlin! We will tell you the heroic history of guerilla movement during the city occupation and we will show you the places of honor of Odessa defense. Military Odessa Tour
You will hear the story of Jukov’s namesake who did for Odessa as much as the Jukov for the whole country. You will also learn the heroic stories of different Odessites who made it into history and set the example to the next generations. Our tour won’t leave anybody cold to this tragic part of Odessa history and will show everybody that Odessa really deserves the name of the Hero-city.
You will also visit the memorial museum located in the oak-wood. You will have a chance to make photos on the military tanks, “katyushas”, on the armored train, near the first submarine and combat ship… You will see the real trenches, artillery and light batteries, entries to the real catacombs.
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Duration of Odessa tour Military Odessa is 2,5 – 3 hours.

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